Specialization in the theater arts

The graduate school of Kibbutzim College takes pleasure in offering the Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Visual Literacy with a specialization program in the theater arts.

Program director: Dr. Malka Ben Pashat
The steering committee:
Dr. Malka Ben Pashat, Itzik Weingarten, Dr. Kinneret Noy, Livia Chachmon
Leading lecturers in the theater arts cluster: Dr. Ravital Eitan, Dr. Kinneret Noy, Chanan Snir, Dr. Ati Zitron, Dr. Talilah Kush

Visual literacy in education is a multi-disciplinary program, that examines the visual field from different aspects. It is concerned with analysis, interpretation, criticism, as well as creativity in the visual languages for the purpose of educational and social empowerment. Included in the program are courses dealing with theoretical subjects and their application in different creative, visual disciplines, such as cinema, design, the plastic arts, photography, dance and the theater. The program enables the student to concentrate on one of several course clusters, one of them consisting of theater arts.

Specialization in the theater arts

The cluster courses in the theater arts enables teachers of theater to examine the broad field of theater arts in detail, and thus gain knowledge in many aspects of creativity and culture. They may learn more about identity, community, images, presentations, body, space, movement and directing. Their studies in these fields and in teaching, with emphasis on visual literacy, opens before new horizons in artistic understanding. The courses in the theater arts are given by the experienced academic staff of Kibbutzim College, well known in Israel, for its achievements. We are convinced that this new path answers the needs of the theater teaching public, the graduates of the School of Theater Arts at the College and the graduates of theater departments in other academic institutions.

Besides the courses which are included in the visual literacy in education program, students who choose the theater arts cluster take the following courses:

  • The theater as a tool for social empowerment – community theater
  • Masks and identity – from ritual to contemporary theater
  • Contemporary theater, in its many guises, in Israel and in other countries
  • Required seminar – master class in directing
  • Elective seminar – representations of body and movement in Western culture

The theater arts cluster offers 15 semester hours from a total of 44 in the visual literacy in education program. In addition there are 4 semester hours of creative workshop in the departmental seminar framework.

The Final Project: Research and Creativity in Theater Arts

The final project is a central feature of the visual literacy in education program. Theater Arts students will be able to make their dreams come true as they combine research and creativity, as they proceed from the preliminary research to the final productions and presentations. Whether the project is an experiment or a real production, they will be doing the writing, documentation, direction, instructing and performing, with the help of professional coaches and teachers. The final project is the culmination of the learning process; it is done with the accompaniment of an individual coach – teacher, and the student has the option to select his coach from the lecturing staff of the program or from outside of the program.

Requirements for Admission
This program is intended for graduates with academic degrees in theater, and teaching certificates, or with teaching experience in informal frameworks. Applicants must meet all the requirements for admission to the Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Visual Literacy program.