Directing and Teaching Drama

The studies are for four years at the end of which the student will receive the Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) degree and the Teaching Certificate. Many graduates of the Directing Department teach in schools, head theatre programs in schools or do commercial directing.

First Year

In the first year of the program, students study acting, dramatic writing, directing, history of the theatre, puppet theatre, ancient Greek and Roman theatre, Far Eastern theatre, classic and modern drama, creative writing, language, pedagogy, movement and dance in the theatre. Students also participate in the political-artistic Hyde Park productions. Together with students from other departments, they do the writing, directing, and acting as well as participating in the technical crews involved with the production.

Second Year

In the second year, the students take courses in Hebrew drama, Shakespeare, directing, instructing actors, acting, set-designing, dramatic writing, theatre styles, movement, writing and directing monologues, and theatre workshops.
Students also write short monodramas, participate in the “Theatre Neto”, direct the students in the Acting Department, and do an exercise in styles.
Directing majors are responsible for the direction and presentation of the ceremony for Holocaust Day at the College.

Third Year

In the third year, students study Israeli and Jewish theater, pantomime, directing, director-designer dialogue, and music for the theatre. Teaching drama and theatre workshops are an important part of the curriculum. During the year, the students do two exercises in directing; the actors in these exercises are 2nd and 4th year students in the Acting Department and the stage design is presided over by third year students in the Stage Design Department.

Fourth Year

The fourth year is devoted to internship. Students participate in seminars in education, theatre, and social action in the community. Part of the internship involves helping third year students in the Directing Department with the writing and directing of short monodramas and serving as assistants to the professional directors of student productions in the Acting Department.

Scholarship Competitions

Five evenings during the year are devoted to monologues, poetry and staging scenes from dramas directed by the students. On each evening, tuition scholarships are awarded for the best productions and performances.

and “Tmuna”. Some examples are:

The Breakdown, play of the year in “Fringe”, written and directed Outstanding Achievements of Graduates

In recent Acco Theatre Festivals, graduates of the Kibbutzim School of Theatre Arts won the prize for the best drama (“Hitler, the Robot and the Dagger” and “24 Pictures”).

• Many of our Directing Exercises continue to be performed by the “Simta Theatre”, “Tzavta”, by Shai Pitovsky
• Virginity, written and directed by Maor Zagury
• Men’s Business, directed by Amit Zarka
• Enjoy the Meal, written and directed by Efrat Shteinlauf
• Fondue and Liz directed by Galit Singer