Department of Design

Director: Frieda Shoham

The Stage Design Program is a three year Course and offers a professional plan of studies for the training of stage-set designers in stage set design, costume design, props and lighting. This is the only program in Israel which offers Stage-Set Design or Costume Design and allows its students to practice actual design during the study period. The students of this program design all the school productions and all the graduation productions of the Third Year Acting Program. Some of the best Israeli designers teach our students.

At the end of the three year program the students receive Certificates in the fields they have studied. The Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) degree and the Teaching Certificate are granted if the student completes additional courses twice weekly for two more years.

Study Program

First Year

In the first year the students study clothes design, cutting and sewing, technical drawing, history of costume, modern art, drama analysis, basic design, history of art and design, history of the theatre, sketching and painting for designers and special projects.
During the course of the year the students participate in the Hyde Park production with students from other departments.
In the first year students have three study days per week and two for projects, and practical workshops.

Second Year

In the second year the students study lighting, costume design, stage-set design styles, the Carnival, history of stage design, design using the computer, Hebrew drama, set design for films and television, props and masks.
During the school year students of the Design Program serve as production managers for the various productions. They are responsible for producing the stage-sets, the costumes and the props coordinating between the stage set designers, the producer and the technical manager.
In the second year the students have three study days per week and two for projects and practical workshops.

Third Year

In the third year the students study Appearance and Text in the era of Post- Modernism, Advanced Costume Design, Shakespeare, The Director and the Crew, Designer-Director dialogue, Producing and Managing in the Theatre, Theories and Styles of Directing.
During the course of the year students do the design for all of the directing exercises of the Third Year Directing Program. In addition they design the costumes for the Shakespeare-on-the-grass project.
In the third year the students have two study days per week and for the rest of the week directing exercises, workshops and practicum.

At the end of the year students do stage and costume design for the graduation production in the Drama Hall.