Certificate Program in Acting

The Certificate Program in Acting in our school features a wider variety and a larger quantity of theoretical and practical courses than any other school for acting in Israel. It is a three year program and on completion the graduate receives a Certificate in Acting. Students may earn the Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) degree and a teaching certificate by attending classes twice a week for an additional two years.

First Year

The first year curriculum includes acting, working with monologues, movement, pantomime, diction, voice development, music and writing, Hebrew language, the history of the theatre, analysis of Ancient Greek and modern drama, and acting workshops. Together with the directing, design, and dance theatre departments, acting students stage the political-social Hyde Park project.

Second Year

In the second year students study Hebrew theatre, Shakespeare, history of comedy, movement, voice development, the circus, drama analysis, pantomime, diction, analysis and presentation of texts, Hebrew language and theatre workshops. During the course of the year, each student acts in two directing exercises and in an exercise in styles.

Third Year

In the third year students study acting, acting in front of the camera, dance, movement, voice development, Hebrew theatre, writing, drama analysis and theatre workshops.
During the third year six plays are staged. Each student participates in four or five plays.

Scholarship Evenings

During the year there are five evenings of monologues, song and staging of scenes from plays. On these evenings the students compete and the winners are awarded tuition scholarships.
Plays Presented by Third Year Students

During the last few years we have produced more than thirty original plays, many of them written especially for our students by some of the leading Israeli playwrights. Writing and production of the plays occupies a good portion of the year and is accompanied with workshops in which students do research and meet with the writers and other theatre professionals.

The following are among the Israeli plays produced at the School:

“A Guide to the Good Life”, “ The Wild West”, “ Uncle Hank”,
“The Crazy Song of Ha Aretz”, “Beatricia“, “Mazeritz”, “The Firing Squad”,
“A Song of Nerves”, “ Why, Who are You?”, “Winter in Kalendia”, “The Red Tent”.
The plays were written and edited especially for the acting class and frequently the actors participated in writing the plays.

Classical plays produced by the School include “Six Characters Looking for an Author“,
“ Wotzek”, “ Yerma”, “ The Persians”, “Mother Courage”, “ A Man is a Man”.

Plays for Children produced by the School include “Honey”, “Mr. Trevleylan”, “The King’s Clothes”, “Peter and the Wolf”.

Plays produced by the dance-theatre ( most without text) include “Soul”, “Love Box”, “La Mariposa“, “Sezura”.

Some of the plays were produced in collaboration with the Orna Porat Theatre for Children and Youth or the Meditek Theatre.
Several of the plays continue to run in the repertoire theatres such as Habima, the Hebrew-Arabic Theatre, Hakamari, Tzavta, Temuna, the Orna Porat Theatre for Children and Youth, and Haifa Theatre.