Living in Tel Aviv


How can we share with you what Israelis and millions of tourists already know? How can we share with you that Tel Aviv is a wonderful city to spend time in whether it be for a weekend, a semester, a year or a lifetime? We have already told you that it was selected by National Geographic as one of the 10 best beach cities in the world. You might already know that Tel Aviv is the Israeli center for music, dance, film, art and opera all of which are located in Tel Aviv. But until you feel the sand between your feet and the sounds of music in the air, you might think that it sounds a little unreal or maybe not completely believable. So if a picture is worth a thousand words and a webs site is worth a thousand pictures, then we suggest checking out these webs sites to begin to get the sights and sounds of Tel Aviv. - The site provides general information on Tel Aviv. It is a good place to begin. - This is the official municipal web site, good for updates on activities and will give you an understanding of the city and its general environments from an established point of view. - This web site is a slightly more alternative web site with cultural options and more of an off-beat feel that is better in tune with younger people. - This site contains up to date information on current affairs in Tel Aviv and Israel overall - This is one of the leading Israel newspapers. The paper has a liberal and eclectic perspective. It is read by many Israelis and Jews around the world both for its news and its commentaries.