Teaching Certificate in Early Childhood

Teaching Certificate in Early Childhood Education
Director of the Teacher Training for Graduates and B.Ed. for Practicing Teachers Programs: Dr. Yehudith Weinberger

During their first years of life children acquire life skills and basic competencies that serve as a foundation for their adult lives. Their development is also influenced by their interrelationship with the immediate environment – parents, family, and preschool. Educators of young children must help them develop in all aspects. Knowledge of emotional, cognitive, and motor development in early childhood is a basic element of training professional educators. Therefore this program places special focus on child development. The courses include the fields of motor development, emotional development, organization of a suitable educational environment for young children, and preschool management.

The curriculum presented here is the general framework of studies for a teaching certificate. In practice, we adapt a personal program for each student, including exemptions based on previous studies. An academic counselor develops a tailored curriculum based on the student's needs and the requirements of the Ministry of Education. The duration of studies in this program ranges from one to two years, depending on the student's needs and the course schedule.

Students in the Early Childhood Education Program may choose one of two tracks and one field of specialization within the chosen track:

  • Early Childhood Teacher Track (Preschool thru Grades 1-2)
  • General teaching
  • Child development

Preschool (Birth to Age 6)

  • Special education
  • General teaching