Bachelor’s Degree for Practicing Teachers

Director of the Teacher Training for Graduates and B.Ed. for Practicing Teachers Programs: Dr. Yehudith Weinberger

This program is designed for students who hold certificates as qualified or senior qualified teachers and wish to complete a bachelor's degree in education (B.Ed.).
The curriculum of the B.Ed. in-service program corresponds to the department in which the teacher received the senior teaching certificate:


Track Specialization
Preschool teachers Special education
Early childhood education
Preschool and Grades 1-2
Child development
Elementary school Grades 1-6 Literature, Jewish culture, science, mathematics
Secondary school Grades 7-10 Literature-Bible, history, biology-chemistry, teaching theater and direction
Elementary school-Grade 10 English
Grades 1-12 Physical education, movement and health, dance and movement, special education

Teachers who have earned a B.Ed. and reached the required level of achievement may continue their academic education to earn a master's degree.

Admission requirements

1. Teaching certificate
2. Basic knowledge of English

Program Structure

Graduates of Kibbutzim College of Education after the 1984-1985 academic year, and graduates of other academic teacher training colleges when those colleges were entitled to grant academic degrees, will be required to complete 32 semester credits, and to complete English studies to the Kibbutzim College of Education "exemption" level. Candidates who graduated college more than 10 years ago will be required to take supplementary courses.

  • Candidate who completed their studies in a nonacademic institution will be required to take 64 semester credits + English.

Those who studied at a recognized academic institution after obtaining a senior teacher certificate will be exempt from some courses upon presentation of a transcript and according to the College rules of accreditation, on the condition that these courses were studied during the last 6 years.

  • Since 2008-2009 a new program has been offered for Ofek Hadash teachers, based on Ministry of Education guidelines.

Workshops for Experienced Teachers

These special workshops are designed for educators with extensive practical experience and knowledge in education and teaching. Participants in the workshops will engage in theoretical documentation, analysis, and conceptualization of the practical knowledge they have accumulated and will earn academic credit.

Conditions for Participation in the Workshop for Experienced Teachers

Teachers with at least 8 years of experience in education may participate in the workshop. The workshop is not open to those holding an academic senior teacher certificate. Participants in the workshop will earn 4 semester credits.

Students may use the services of the Mishol resource center and its staff will advise them in writing papers. Students may submit up to 3 papers for up to 12 semester credits.


Foundation courses  English
Education  Sociology and social studies, research methods, education seminar, computers in education, advanced education
Pedagogical methods Teaching methods, practice teaching
Disciplinary specialization Seminar in field of specialization
Advanced courses in field of specialization

For details on the courses by track and specialization, see the Year 4 Course Catalog or the catalog of the School of Advanced Studies (subject to the approval of an academic counselor).