Studies in Education and Teaching


Kibbutzim College of Education trains teachers and offers studies in education and teaching according to the principles of humanistic and democratic education. The college places priority on social and community commitment, and offers programs that address the current issues on Israel's social agenda. Outreach programs provide the students with personal support and the opportunity for close guidance in understanding issues which challenge their future students.

All students of Kibbutzim College of Education are presented with a range of options for growth, achievement and personal development. The School of Education offers programs in education and teaching - early child development, creative education, elementary school teaching, special education, English as a foreign language, physical education and movement, the humanities, biology-chemistry from the environmental perspective, and a variety of specializations in the arts.

The college also offers studies in education and teaching to individuals who hold bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees. There is a special track for candidates who are already teaching and want to complete their bachelor's degree studies.

The School of Advanced Studies offers a selection of programs related to education and teaching, in addition to studies in expressive art therapies, alternative medicine, educational leadership and administration.