Practice Teaching

We find it very important to prepare our student teachers through practical work in various types of Special Education frameworks. During the course of the studies an experienced and professional team of pedagogical instructors accompany the students, guide them and help them overcome their difficulties as they gain experience and confidence.

In their First Year---The students try out their teaching skills in the regular elementary school environment and in the regular classes which include children with special needs, usually in Holon.

In their Second Year---The students do practice teaching in schools that include children with behavioral difficulties and special needs over a broad range of handicaps. In parallel the students do practice teaching in regular classrooms, teaching the subjects they have chosen as their disciplinary majors.

In their Third Year ---Practice teaching in the Third Year takes place within the framework of Special Education units with children that have severe handicaps. Students choose the specific type of difficulty they want to learn more about.
In parallel the students do practice teaching in the regular classroom, teaching the subject they have chosen.