Bachelor’s Degree (B.Ed.) in Special Education

Department Head: Dr. Niva Oren

Preparation for Educators of Children with Special Needs in Grades 1-12
Four Year Educational Program towards a B.Ed. and two teaching certificates

Graduates of this program receive an academic degree as well as a teaching certificate in special education for ages 6-21 and a second teaching certificate in their field of disciplinary expertise (for example: Mathematics, Bible and Jewish Culture, Sciences, Literature for grades 1—6, or History or Literature for grades 7-10).
The 4th year of study includes an internship of practice teaching over the entire school year.

The purpose of the department of Special Education is to prepare educators who are interested and willing to accept the challenge of teaching children of all ages who have special needs--educators who will help their pupils to achieve despite the difficulties, educators who are able to comprehend the strengths and weaknesses of each individual, creative and flexible educators who can match their teaching methods to the special needs of each and every pupil.


  • Understanding the principles that underlie good practice in general education and in Special Education.
  • Understanding theories of normal and abnormal development related to cognitive, learning, emotional, social, and motor abilities.
  • Becoming familiar with accepted practices, teaching--learning strategies, methods and tools used in regular classrooms, integrated classrooms, and in special education frameworks.
  • Acquiring creative methods to enrich teaching of pupils requiring special care and attention.
  • Helping the students to form a humanistic world outlook to guide their personal and professional behavior.
  • Acquiring disciplinary and pedagogical expertise in a specific subject taught in regular elementary or secondary classes.
  • Acquiring methodological tools to personally examine and analyze ideas and practices.
  • Developing socially responsible educators who relate to the community in which they live.

Teaching Certificate Special Education for Grades 1-12

The program is aimed at preparing teachers and educators for work in all educational frameworks that include children with special needs: 

  • Regular classrooms that include children with special needs in the regular class framework. 
  • Special Education classes in regular elementary or secondary schools. 
  • Special Education frameworks which exist outside of regular schools in Care Centers, hospitals, prisons, or orphanages to accommodate the needs of children who cannot find a place in the regular school.

The program includes

  • Special Education studies—52 academic credits
  • Additional Disciplinary major based on subjects taught in elementary and secondary schools—52 academic credits
  • Practice teaching in special education frameworks—40 credits

Community involvement4 - credits

(One unit of academic credit equals 14-15 classroom hours. Thus a course that meets for two hours weekly for one semester (28-30 hours in class) grants the participant two units of academic credit.)

Students of Special Education can choose as their disciplinary major one of the following subjects:

Bible and Jewish Culture