Physical Activities for Groups with Special Needs

Physical Activities for Groups with Special Needs Physical Activities for Groups with Special Needs

Director: Dr. Miri Getz

This course of study aims to train teachers of physical education to work with people with special needs: the physically handicapped with spinal cord disorders, loss of limbs, cerebral palsy, the mentally challenged, the blind, and other behavioral disorders.
Graduates of the course are awarded a specialization certificate which qualifies them to teach groups with special needs within the framework of regular schools and in special educational frameworks, in therapy rooms, as well as in sport rehabilitation centers and community centers.
The courses in the program deal with various themes in physical education that relate to the needs of those with physical and mental handicaps.

Courses taught include:

• Therapeutic Sports
• Becoming acquainted with the world of the handicapped
• Psycho-motor characteristics
• Movement and development: normal / abnormal
• Introduction to hydrotherapy
• Psycho-pathology

In addition to the studies in the college, students will also take part in practice-teaching classes of those with special needs in schools and in other frameworks.