Resources and Installations

Hadar Yosef - This site, which is outfitted with the most modern equipment in Israel, is a ten minute ride from the college. There is an athletic field, a volleyball field and beach volleyball field, basketball and hand ball fields (when necessary organized transport leaves the seminar at regular intervals).

Laboratory - This well equipped modern laboratory for the sciences of the human body specializes in the following subjects: anatomy, physiology, physiology of exertion and bio-mechanics., It is situated within the walls of the college,
Students actively participate in experiments that demonstrate the action of the body at rest, in exertion or movement.
Students examine heart and breathing activity in various degrees of exertion and check their own capability and their degree of physical fitness.
All these tests define real situations and are carried out by the students.

Fitness room - This fitness room, in the kibbutzim college, is intended for the students during the course of their studies.
The fitness room has a variety of apparatus and equipment to develop the many body muscles and includes facilities for aerobic activity.
The fitness room is open 4 times a week for monitored activity by professionals. A personal fitness plan can be prepared after presentation of a doctor’s approval by the applicant.

The swimming pool for training - The swimming pool in Ramat Aviv is a five minute walk from the college. It is 25 m’ in length with changing rooms and all the equipment needed for teaching swimming.