Study Program

Structure and scope of the studies

Studies are divided into two periods, each of two years:
The first and second years are devoted to foundations studies, introductory courses and electives. The optional lessons enable the student to acquire an “instructor’s certificate|“ in various branches of sport: fitness room trainer, swimming, basketball, volley ball, handball, athletics and aerobic dancing. During the third and fourth years there are advanced studies and seminars. Students broaden their knowledge and improve their skills in leading physical activity for young children and those with special needs.

Teaching physical education and movement


The goal of the program is to develop in the students the awareness of the importance of movement and physical activity and to give them the chance to gain knowledge and understanding in physical education, the sciences of the body, human health and education in general. Another important goal is to have the students apply what they have learned in actual physical activity. Students learn to estimate their own physical capabilities and gradually acquire individual styles in their body movements, which enable them to move more smoothly and prevent them from going to extremes which can result in physical injury.
Special emphasis is put on the need to curb violence in the educational environment and the need for the physical education teacher to take the initiative in coping with this problem.

To whom is the program directed?

The students are learning to be teachers. They will be teaching their pupils-to-be
in all the age groups, the knowledge, understanding and awareness that they themselves assimilated in their studies. A major place in the study program is given to practical experience in teaching physical education and movement. All activities are monitored and directed by a skilled staff of teachers and instructors.
The studies toward the first degree form the bases for more advanced studies towards higher degrees and professional specialization, in Israel and abroad.

Specialization paths in physical education and movement

Students, in the third year of physical education and movement in Kibbutzim College may choose one of three specialization paths: posture and movement, physical activity in early childhood, or physical activity for those with special needs. Students who specialize will receive certificates after successfully completing their courses of study.

Further information about the three specializations:
Physical education in early childhood
Posture and Movement
Physical activity for groups with special needs