Famous Graduates

 Miri Nevo - TV Host - Sports News Miri Nevo -TV Host - Sports News

In her youth an artistic gymnast who was also Israeli Champion, she has a first degree in Physical Education from Kibbutzim College and a masters degree in Public Health (MPH) from the medical faculty of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
Today she presents “Sports News” on Channel ”Sport 5+” together with Eli Ildis and hosts the program “Blame the Wind” on Channel S.

 Avraham Grant - Football Coach Avraham Grant - Football Coach

For many years he was the coach of Israeli football teams like: Hapoel Petach Tikvah, Hapoel Haifa, and Macabbi Tel Aviv. He won two league championships with Avraham Grant finished his studies for the first degree in physical education at Kibbutzim Macabbi Tel Aviv and two league championships with Hapoel Haifa. For some years he was the coach of the National Israeli Team. He then moved to the English Premier League where he was technical manager for Portsmouth and afterwards coached Chelsea.

 Nir Levin - Football Player-Coach Nir Levin - Football  Player-Coach

Nir Levin holds a first degree in physical education from Kibbutzim College. He started his career in football early with several clubs: Macabbi Rehovot, Hapoel Marmorek, Hapoel Petach Tikvah. In 1991 he was the league’s highest scorer. In addition Nir Levin played on the Israel National Team. He retired from the game as a player and continued as a coach with Hapoel Petach Tikvah, City of Ashdod, Tzafririm Holon and Macabbi Tel Aviv. He is also known as a football analyst on TV.

Moti Daniel - Basketball Player Moti Daniel - Basketball Player

Moti Daniel holds a first degree in physical education from Kibbutzim College. He began his career in basketball in the Hapoal Holon junior team. After this in 1987 he joined Macabbi Tel Aviv and became a key player there. He later played for other clubs like Hapoel Jerusalem, Macabbi Ashdod, Macabbi Rishon Letzion, and finally Macabbi Ashdod. He was part of the Israel National Team appearing 162 times. Today Moti Daniel is the professional manager of Elitzur Yavne of the National League. 

Limor Mizrachi - Basketball Player Limor Mizrachi - Basketball Player

Limor Mizrachi holds a first degree in physical education from Kibbutzim College. Limor began her career in basketball with the Bnai Yehuda Club and later played for other clubs: Elitzur Holon, Elitzur Ramle, Macabbi Ramat Hen, Bnai Herzlia, Karmiel, Anda Ramat Hasharon. Limor also played in the European Women’s Basketball League for Iceland, Croatia, and Poland. Although she is not considered a tall player, she is known as one of Israel’s greatest women basketball players because of her ability to “read” the game and call the right plays. In 2008 she was one of four players who received “Player of the Decade” award from the Ministry of Science, Culture and Sport.

Orenit Schwartz - Basketball Player Orenit Schwartz - Basketball Player

Orenit Schwartz holds a first degree in physical education from Kibbutzim College. She started to play basketball at the age of 13 with “Elitzur Natania” club. Then she played in other clubs like Elitzur Ramle, Macabbi Ramat Gan, Ramat Hasharon. Today Orenit is a player in Macabbi Ashdod and will be responsible for the junior branch of the club. Orenit has many appearances with the Israeli National Team to her credit, She attended the American College of William and Mary. Her greatest ambition, she says, as a graduate of the physical education faculty, is to educate the younger generation towards physical activity, health and excellence in sports.

 Esther Roth-Shachmorov - Athlete Esther Roth-Shachmorov - Athlete

Esther Roth-Shachmorov holds a first degree in physical education from Kibbutzim College. She is one of the most outstanding athletes ever seen in Israel. Already as a little girl in Tel Aviv, Esther was an excellent athlete. She did short distance running and worked out on apparatus. She participated in the Asiatic Games in Bangkok where she was awarded two Gold Medals, one for the 100 meters hurdles and the other for the pentathlon, and she received a Silver Medal for the broad jump. She participated in the Munich Olympic Games where her trainer was murdered in the tragic events of those games and she withdrew from the competition. She later participated in the Asian games in Teheran and the Montreal Olympics. Esther was chosen a number of times Israel Sportswoman of the Year and in 1999 she was awarded the Israel Prize for Sport and Culture. Her time for the 100 meter sprint, which she recorded in the Olympic Games of Munich still stands unbeaten in Israel. Today Esther is a physical education trainer in the “Hasharon” secondary school.

אבי אבן - מאמן כדורסל Avi Even - Basketball Coach

Avi Even is a graduate of the physical education and movement specialization. He is second assistant to Pini Gershon of Macabbi Tel Aviv, basketball team. He is considered one of the rising talents in basketball training today. He is a youth trainer with experience working with a few youth clubs; the youth association of Bnai Herzlia and especially with the basketball team of the secondary school Yuval, Herzlia which he led to the “final four” two years in a row in the secondary school league. He was assistant to Yakov Jino at Bnai Sharon.