Developing Posture and Movement

Developing Posture and Movement    Developing Posture and Movement

The goal of this specialization is to train teachers of physical education to work with the various methods of posture development through movement. Graduates of the course are awarded a specialization certificate. This certificate enables the graduate to work in public and private teaching frameworks in movement and posture development.
The courses in the program deal with various themes in physical education that relate to movement and posture improvement that will strengthen and deepen understanding of the basic goals behind the theme: improving the physical health of the nation.

Study subjects include:

• Posture defects—diagnosis and therapy
• Movement and posture improvement using movement
• Posture improvement in adults—in theory and in practice
• Functional anatomy and how it relates to body stability
• Ergonomics and movement through the life cycle
• Methods of relaxation and bio-feedback

Students practice teaching movement and posture improvement in classes at the college.