Physical Education in Early Childhood

childhood-movement childhood-movement

Director: Dr. Hagit Shkedi

The aim of this program is to train teachers of physical education to work with young children. Graduates who successfully complete the course are awarded a specialization certificate which qualifies them to work as teachers of physical education in kindergartens and in non-formal educational frameworks.
The lessons deal with a host of subjects, chosen because of their relevance to the main topic of movement for young children, and because of the new knowledge and understanding they bring to the students on the world of early childhood and the importance movement has in this world.
In addition to the specific subjects presented by the department, students learn to create a teaching plan for young children, taking into consideration the needs of the child and the principles of movement.

The subjects are:

• Movement for young children—theory and practice
• Music to accompany movement for young children
• Developmental psychology
• Motor development
• Children’s books and movement

In addition to their lessons in the college, students do practice teaching in the kindergartens.