Undergraduate Studies in Physical Education and Movement

Department Head: Dr. Hadas Dekel

Why Study Physical Education at Kibbutzim College of Education?

Since its establishment in 1944, the Department has stressed the importance of movement and physical awareness as the basis for developing physical and mental capabilities. One of the cornerstones of the program is a solid theoretical foundation in physiology, psychology, and education. The other important element is fostering attitudes that lead to a healthy life style, combining physical activity with studies about nutrition and health sciences. The courses are held in small classes with experienced and qualified teachers who give individual attention when needed.

 Physical Education and Movement

Undergraduates who successfully complete the four year course receive a Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) in Physical Education and Movement and a Teaching Certificate for elementary and high schools. Students also specialize in one of the following subjects: Movement in Early Childhood, Developing Posture and Movement, or Physical Activity for Individuals with Special Needs.

During the course of study, students can earn two instructor certificates in different fields. These certificates are recognized by the Sports Federation.

Program for Honors Students

The Honors Program accepts students with high entrance qualifications after a personal interview with the Head of the Department. Students may also enter the Honors Program if they complete the first year with exceptionally high grades and receive a recommendation from the Head of the Department. The primary aim of the honors program is to develop a leadership cadre for the next generation of physical education teachers and sports activists.


The Department offers tuition scholarships to encourage excellence; these are awarded on the basis of grades and other criteria. The Office of Student Affairs deals with requests for tuition scholarships.

The Program in Physical Education and Movement for Candidates Who Have an Academic Degree

Kibbutzim College of Education has a special program for graduates with academic degrees in other disciplines. On completing the program graduates are awarded a Teaching Certificate in Physical Education and Movement. The Program is geared to graduates and practicing teachers with first or higher degrees from an accredited institution. The individualized curriculum takes into consideration the previous knowledge of those who attend the course. For most participants, the program can be completed in two years, with courses concentrated in two to four days per week. After completion of their studies students must complete an internship which extends over one school year. This Program is aimed at those who are interested in working in the school system after graduation.

Admission Requirements

First degree from a recognized academic institution
Previous experience with physical activity
Experience in teaching or as a counselor is an advantage.
Personal interview with the Head of the Department