Parenthood and Family


Director of the Center: Tzeela Meinrat
Director of the workshops: Orit Gordon

Who are we?
The Center for Parenthood and Family at Kibbutzim College is a multi-disciplinary guidance and support center for parents, families and professionals. The Center collaborates with other professional groups in the community to develop and implement support programs for parents and families in transition.
The ideas that guide the Center activity are based on humanistic psychology which focuses on empowerment of the individual functioning as a parent, as a family member and as a professional facilitator. For many years, the Center has specialized in developing techniques and skills that enhance the effectiveness of support groups as as an important element in professional guidance of parents, families, and community members.

Who are the staff at the Center?
Director of the center: Tzeela Meinrat
Director of the workshops: Orit Gordon

The Teaching Staff:
Dov Even Zahav, M.A.; Mina Ort, M.A.; Ronit Herzog, M.A.;
Orit Gordon, M.A; Meira Zilberman, M.A.; Tzeela Meinhart,M.A.
Razia Frankel, M.A.
Secretary of the Center: Gili Shoham.

What does the center offer?
The center offers a variety of activities related to parenthood and family. It aims to improve the skills of professionals in the following fields:

Courses, training programs and in-service support programs at the College

  • A three year program to train moderators of support groups for parents
  • In-service enrichment programs for teachers to facilitate their contact and communication with parents
  • In-service enrichment programs for professional group moderators to sharpen their skills in working with groups of parents and to empower them as professionals.

Lectures and workshops directed at the community

  • Workshops for parents according to the age of their children (infancy, early childhood, etc.)
  • Working parents: workshops for parents in their places of work.
  • The family reflected in the internet – unique activities for parents and/or children on the meeting between the internet and family life
  • Lectures for parents and for the general public on special subjects concerning parenthood and the family

Discussion forums and data banks can be viewed at the Center for Parenthood and Family website, sponsored by the Department of Adult Education in the Ministry of Education and the Swallow Organization for developing on-line education.The site is in Hebrew with no official English equivalent.

What is our mission?

To train people to be skilled therapists with the tools and knowledge necessary to help parents, children and families help themselves through meaningful, confidence building dialogue. Students learn to nurture the unique and to accept and respect the differences that characterize individuals and families.

In what do we believe?

  • Skilled and talented professionals can lead the difficult processes that bring significant changes in family, group and community relations and can serve as models of empowerment for parents and families.
  • Enhancing authoritative and supportive parental guidance
  • In placing the parent at the center as mainspring of the family
  • In personal parental development
  • In teaching communication skills to serve the family