Master of Education (M.Ed.) in the Humanities

Description of the Program

• The program extends over four semesters, in two academic years, and includes a total of 44 semester credits.
• The required and elective courses are divided into three divisions. Courses in Division A must be completed no later than the end of the third semester.
• We recommend that students include the large body of content in the first two semesters.
• We recommend completion of the entire program within two academic years. However, studies must be completed within five years, as is the rule in all academic institutions in Israel.

The three divisions of courses include required courses, electives, and seminars.

Division A: Theoretical studies in multi-disciplinary education (12 semester credits)
This series of courses discusses the nature of knowledge and its impact on learning theory. Some of the courses focus on issues of Israeli culture and society and their impact on the educational system. Others deal with research methodologies of the social sciences and the humanities.

B: Advanced disciplinary studies and research methodology in the humanities (14 semester credits)
This division contains courses present new research methodologies in the humanities as well as advanced courses in the humanities disciplines.

C: Teaching humanities with a multi-disciplinary approach (14 semester credits)
This division has 3 groups of courses:
1. Courses that deal with learning, evaluation, guidance and tutoring
2. Courses that deal with planning, research and development of curriculum, involving content from several disciplines
3. Elective courses – multi-disciplinary seminars in the humanities
The Final Project Workshop (4 semester credits) is an addition to this division.

New: Specialization in holocaust studies with a Guide to Poland Certificate.

Final project seminar
4 seminar credits

Details on organizing your program of studies

The study program is normally organized as a two year program but it is possible to spread the program over a longer period, but not longer than 5 years, as is usual in other academic institutes. The recommended spread is for four semesters over two academic years. The program of division-A- should be completed not later than the end of the third semester. During the first two semesters the bulk of the academic courses should be completed. Students who wish to spread their studies over a longer period than two years must receive the approval of the studies director with the consent of the teaching staff.