Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) in Media and Film Studies

Studies in the Department of Media and Film lead to a B. Ed. and a Teaching Certificate.

The Department of Media and Film Studies prepares students for careers in television and the cinema, journalism and advertising. This is the only academic program in Israel that offers a joint degree in Media and Film and a Teaching Certificate for Secondary Schools in both these fields. The curriculum is multi-disciplinary and has been developed on the premise that these two fields have much in common.
Every year a select group of students is admitted to a most intensive and challenging four year course of studies. The study groups in this course are small and include training that allows a large measure of individual participation in both the academic and practical sides of media and film studies. Therefore the students have many opportunities to give expression to individual talents, creative preferences and artistic ideas. One can find many graduates of our courses in the media industry, the cinema, as journalists and in advertising as well as in higher education institutions continuing their studies. The films produced by our students during the course have received prizes and are exhibited the world over.

Creative Teachers

The Studies Program was formulated with the understanding that there is a growing need in Israel for a new type of teacher: the creative teacher. Graduates of the program are much in demand as creative teachers in the media and film fields in advanced study programs in Israel. Graduates of the program can combine creativity in media and the cinema with their professional work as teachers.

The Media and Film Center

The Department of Media and Film is located in the heart of Tel Aviv, a city full of life. This fact together with the objectives of the Program creates a feeling of dedication to progress and inventive technology. The facilities of the Department, the television and radio studios, the editing rooms, the audio, media, and cinema equipment are “state of the art”, of the highest technical standard.
The Media and Film Center opens its doors to the schools in Tel Aviv and especially to their media and film courses so that secondary school pupils may benefit from the connection with college undergraduates as well as from the use of the high quality equipment, facilities and studios, available on request, night and day, under the guidance and supervision of the college instructors.

The Teaching Staff

The teaching staff includes academics as well as media and cinema experts who have set as their goal to train and develop the next generation of media and film professionals and teachers.