Description of the program

Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Mathematics Education

Description of the program

  • The program includes 44 semester credits within two years of study. 
  • The essential characteristic of the program is the combination of mathematics content studies and mathematical education.
  • The program includes required courses, electives and seminars from three divisions.

A: Mathematics (14 - 18 semester credits)

The series of courses in Division A stresses the disciplinary side of mathematics.

B: Mathematics education (14 - 18 semester credits)

The courses in Division B stress mathematical education and the cognitive development of learners.

C: Education and Methodology (8 semester credits)

The courses in division C are methodological or theoretical and do not necessarily relate to mathematics.

Within the course program, students will submit two seminar papers. The subjects of these papers should be taken from topics studied in Divisions A and B.
We recommend that to topic of the final project be based on one of the seminars. Both the seminar papers and the final project should combine mathematical knowledge with knowledge in mathematical education and present a practical application to education.

Final Project Workshop

  • The purpose of the final project workshop is to assist the students at all the stages of carrying out the final project and writing it.
  • The workshop will provide a platform for discussion and criticism of colleagues and for development of research and writing skills.
  • All students are required to participate in a final project workshop before they may submit the final project.

In each of the divisions A and B the student takes 14 semester credits. In division C the student takes 8 semester credits. Each division has required and elective courses. The final project workshop is 4 semester credits. This adds up to a total of 40 semester credits. The additional 4 semester credits are from the seminars.

Program Format

  • The studies are programmed for four semesters, during two school years. We recommend that students hold to this program. 
  • Studies cannot extend over more than five years, which is the accepted limit in institutions of higher education in Israel.