Course Synopses by Divisions

A: Leadership and organizational development - 14 Semester Credits
This series of courses deals with aspects of management such as marketing, information systems, legal issues, economic issues and organizational behavior. The courses in this division concentrate on the way the various management issues effect the management of educational frameworks.

B: Educational policy - 10 semester credits
The courses in this division clarify the concept “educational policy” and familiarize the student with issues related to educational policy in Israel and throughout the world. Israeli society, historical and social perspectives on educational policy, and the political and ideological causes and results of educational policy are among the issues addressed.

C: Educational leadership - 10 semester credits
This series of courses deals with the elements connected with the role of the manager as an educational and moral leader, as a curriculum manager and initiator, as an innovator, as the leader of a team of educational workers, and as an administrator and organizer.

Methodology studies - 6 semester credits

Final project workshop - 4 semester credits