Mahut Way - A Path to Success


There was a time when people with learning disabilities were told to “make an effort,” as if they could solve their problems on their own. Today we know better and understand that learning disabilities and ADHD are real - and they are difficult to overcome without understanding and professional assistance.

We also know that learning disabilities are prevalent in society and, that a large number of them go undiagnosed. In the center of Israel alone there are over 400,000 adults and teenagers who suffer from learning disabilities, attention deficit disorders, or both. These disorders impede the ability to concentrate and acquire skills necessary for success.

A Path to Success emanates from the unique Israeli ideology of the Kibbutz Movement that responds to both the needs of Israeli society as a whole, as well as those of the individual. Seven decades after the movement’s founding, Kibbutzim College remains true to its roots. Through A Path to Success, Kibbutzim College created a center to help Israeli teenagers and adults with learning disabilities fulfill their aspirations. Once an individual diagnosis is made, a custom designed support plan is created. Raising public awareness, acceptance and support is also an integral part of the Center’s goals.
The one-on-one program includes:

  • Identifying the individual’s strengths and weaknesses to better manage work, studies and private life. This is achieved by creating a program for each participant.
  • Tackling issues of identity, stress, life-management skills and in the choice of an appropriate professional track.
  • Learning to make accommodations in family and work life, relationships and parenting.


The public awareness program focuses on:

  • Targeting the corporate sector – both on the managerial level and with unions.
  • Approaching municipalities, offering the public help to better understand the challenges of people with learning disabilities so that they are better accommodated.
  • Outreach to high schools and centers of education.
  • Helping families better understand and equiping them to recognize the potential of a family member with learning disabilities.

Kibbutzim College is the leading teachers college in Israel. True to its roots in the Kibbutz movement, the College is dedicated to the greater good of the community as well as individual needs. The goal is to promote excellence in public education in Israel. Believing in the power of education to bring about social change, the College encourages students to become positive role models for generations to follow.

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