What is Mahut?


The name of the Center (in Hebrew, initials for the words Center for Insight and Empowerment) hints at its goal: to enable students with learning difficulties and concentration deficit disorders to better understand what happens to them in the learning process, to search for more efficient tools in learning and to function better in the college framework. The Center functions as a home, affording understanding and kindness. It is open all day long throughout the week and tries to answer all the needs of the students.

Mahut is a center for recovery and empowerment established by Kibbutzim College for students with learning difficulties. Here they will find understanding. Here they will gain self confidence, and will be able to make a new start, hopefully, leaving behind feelings of frustration and low self esteem. This is a difficult and complex process because the roots of the problem are in the students’ youth. They have suffered so many disappointments and failures in their lives in classrooms, socially and often in the workplace as well. Many tend to veer away from any new challenge.

The first step to recovery is for them to discover their real selves, to know who they are and what their strengths and limitations are, to differentiate between their real identity and the warped identity that they have invented from a life replete with failures. Only when they can recognize that their personality is not just a heap of defeats, but has its strong points and its weak points, as in all human beings, can the real process of recovery begin. This is a process by which they are encouraged to use their strengths, recognize them fully and gain confidence and thus leave difficulties behind.

This process does not happen by itself. There must be an intermediary person or persons who befriends the student, but must be part of the academic environment and can accompany the student and induce understanding from the instructors so that, little by little, the student will become a normal functioning entity. This is the real challenge that the Mahut Center has set for itself.