Graduate Studies in Health and Physical Education

Program chair: Dr. Gili Joseph 

The changes that our contemporary society demand from our day to day lives have led to varied behavior amongst which can be seen in the following places: the physical activity and playing with friends during one's free time has decreased and have left room for longer hours in front of the T.V. and the computer, our quality of movement in our day to day activities has been tampered; the processed food that we eat and the availability of fast food has taken the place of organic healthy food; life's tempo has added substantial stress to our lives currently and has reduced hours of necessary sleep. These changes have had a great negative effect of the quality of life today, this can lead, from a very young age, to behavioral disorders that tamper a person's health and can be seen in: problems in posture, overweight, cancer, anxiety, depression and more.


The Masters program in Health and Physical Education has put forward a goal to educate teachers with experience, in the level of a masters degree, that will be part of the formal and informal educational system and will serve at raising the importance and awareness towards a healthier way of life amongst the children of Israel and their families. Those studying in the program will receive a "tool bo" that will allow for a basic understanding and a deep awareness for a healthy, active way of life in every age group.

The Program's Mission:
To instill in the Israeli society the importance of leading a healthy way of life so that every person will, on a regular basis, be physically active, eat right and lead a balanced lifestyle.