Bachelor’s Degree in Education (B.Ed.) with Major in Bible and Jewish Culture

Bible and Jewish Culture as a major is an option for students of early childhood and special education as well as those studying to be elementary and secondary school teachers.

The Bible is the supreme gift of the Jewish people to human culture, and it is the foundation stone of all Western culture. The stories from the Bible fascinated most of the great Western artists, writers, and dramatists. We invite you to a refreshing and creative encounter with the Bible and Jewish culture as it was created through inter-cultural and inter-generational dialogue throughout the ages, We invite you to study Jewish culture and make it your mission to demonstrate its relevancy and significance to the youth of Israel.

The Bible and Jewish Culture presents to the students a multi-layered panorama of Jewish life throughout the ages as it is expressed in the Bible, in the writings of the sages and in other fields of Jewish thought. Teachers and students come together in lively creative dialogue on Jewish culture, based on its eternal values and its spiritual and cultural creations.

Courses in this major are designed to provide an understanding of the Bible, the basic text of the Jewish people, as well as other important texts which formulated the spiritual and humanistic values of Judaism and defined the place of religion in Jewish thought. Students learn the significance and relevance of Judaism in today’s world and address issues related to Jewish / Israeli identity. This enables them an all-embracing encounter between universal values and the values of Judaism.

The Bible and Jewish Culture major combines an intellectual experience with creative study. Innovative teaching methods include adaptations of traditional Jewish forms of Hereto (studying in small groups based on dialogue with the text and other members of the group) as well as teaching and learning on-line using advanced communication technologies, tours of archaeological sites, and providing artistic experience through bibliodrama and the plastic arts.

Examples of courses offered:

  • The Bible in Context
  • The Poetic Aspect of Biblical Narrative
  • Creative Reading and the Bible
  • The Book, the Writer and the Story---The Legends as Literature
  • The Land of Israel---A Central Theme in Jewish Thought
  • The Challenge of Jewish Identity in Israeli Society

לקבלת מידע נוסף, אנא מלא/י את הפרטים ונחזור אליך בהקדם:

* שדות חובה מסומנים בכוכבית
הרשמה אונליין