Certified Online Instructor (COI)


International Diploma in Distance Education

Learn today in the way you will teach tomorrow
The digital age of information has brought with it changes in our means of accessing information, our construction of knowledge, and the fabric of our interactions with others. Quite clearly, the ways we learn and teach have to undergo far-reaching transformations if we are to prepare our learners to face the challenges of tomorrow.

Anytime-Anywhere Learning
The global classroom of the 21st century is a classroom without walls. The learners are from everywhere and expect to learn anytime and anywhere, interacting and sharing experiences across time and place.

COI: Bridging distances at the click of a mouse
Rising to the call for training teachers who will lead education in the global classroom of the future, the Kibbutzim College of Education, Technology, and Arts offers the international diploma program: Certified Online Instructor (COI). This state-of-the-art program is designed to meet the needs of educators in a world where distances are bridged at the click of a mouse.

The COI courses have been developed by a group of professionals with long-time experience in both face-to-face and distance education. Courses "take place" in an international online classroom and provide participants with the experience of learning in the way they themselves will eventually be teaching: from home, at an office desk, or on the move – in constant contact with their lecturers and fellow students.

The five courses comprising the program present varieties of pedagogical approaches and methods in the context of new and developing technologies:

Best practices and responsible values
The various emphases of the COI courses provide future distance educators with the necessary knowledge and tools for designing online learning environments and implementing best practices online while fostering responsible values as citizens of a global society.

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