About the Center for International Studies


The Center for International Studies at Kibbutzim College of Education, Technology and the Arts

The Center for International Studies was established in March 2008. From the outset its aim was to broaden the horizons of future teachers by enriching the curriculum of teacher education. Though International Studies has not traditionally been a part of teacher education in Israel, we believe that these studies can equip students to meet the challenges of the global economy and society of the 21st century.

What is International Studies? Put simply it is the study of social and cultural effects of the global economy. The past 20 years have seen the re-drawing of national boundaries in many cases on the basis of local language groups and cultures, and growing awareness of the dangers that unhampered squandering of natural resources and industrial pollution can have for the future of the human race. Breathtaking advancements in communications technologies have made all of us aware of the fact that what happens half way around the world has immediate repercussions on our lives. Teachers are often called upon to work outside of their usual environment and to respond to the needs of multi-cultural populations. Enriching the curriculum with international studies and bringing students and lecturers into contact with other countries can enrich their experience as teachers and learners.

The Center has taken on several parallel responsibilities:

1. Development of a program in International Studies in the college, so that all students will be aware of their responsibilities as teachers in a global society.

2. Building contacts with colleges and universities around the world, overseeing study abroad activities, including study tours and student exchange programs as well as providing mutual sabbatical and research opportunities for faculty. One of the first activities is the creation of a regular Summer School in which Israeli students and foreign students will study together

3. Building contacts with Jewish communities and Jewish institutions of teacher education the world over for exchanging ideas, mutual visiting of students and teachers, and teaching and learning on-line in multi-national frameworks.

4. Developing the existing platform for distance learning and adapting it to the special needs of the International Studies Program in cooperation with the Computer, Multi-media and Communications Center at the college, thus enabling The Center for International Studies to cooperate with other institutions of higher education to facilitate teaching and learning on-line.