Teacher Training Program for Students with Academic Degrees in the Humanities

This track is designed to accommodate the needs of students who hold an academic degree and wish to pursue a career in teaching in one of the following fields: history, literature, or Bible/ Jewish Culture. It is also open to practicing teachers who wish to specialize in the Humanities. The program advisers will build a Study Plan tailored to the needs of each candidate.

The mainspring of the Program is actual practice in teaching. Students will become familiar with different teaching methods and with the Ministry of Education programs. They will practice in secondary school classrooms with the guidance of experienced advisers. Practicing teachers who are taking humanities as an additional major may continue to teach in the schools where they work in coordination with their instructor.

The program for students who hold academic degrees includes approximately 48 semester credits. Personal study plans are developed under the guidance of the student advisor which take into consideration previous academic and professional experience of the candidate. aining Academics in Humanities includes 24 hours yearly according to the students study plan and the disciplines he is studying. Students lacking in credit-hours can get advice from the Department Director,

For additional information, see the homepage of the College Website or contact the Humanities Department office.