Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) in the Humanities

Department Director: Dr. Eitan Ginsburg

The program for training teachers of the humanities in the elementary and secondary schools awards a B.Ed. and a Teaching Certificate after the successful completion of the four year course.

The Humanities deal with the achievements of mankind in philosophy, artistic creativity, history, economics and the social sciences. The emphasis in this program is not only on the academic material in the curriculum, but also stresses mankind’s eternal striving for humanistic values, a better life and peace.

The course of studies in the humanities at Kibbutzim College seeks to prepare well educated teachers, sensitive to the needs of their pupils and well aware of their social mission as educators.

Tracks of study

The Department offers majors in history, literature, and a combined major in the Bible and Jewish culture within the framework of four tracks:

1. Humanities, with special emphasis on social initiatives in cooperation with the Institute for Democratic Education
2. Humanities with a theoretical and cultural emphasis.
3. Humanities for teachers in special education secondary school frameworks.
4. Humanities for students who have an academic degree and wish to earn ateaching certificate.

Students in all four of the above tracks are eligible for a Bachelor of Education degree and a Teaching Certificate. Honors students may complete the Program in three years and may apply for tuition and living expense scholarships.