The Green Council


The green council has been active in Kibbutzim College since November, 2007, both as an assembly (plenum) and as a group of sub- committees that actively promote various projects in the fields of education, infrastructure, community and research. The college CEO is a member of the green council which also includes faculty members, administrative staff and members of the Student Union.

Council Members:

Dr. Elana Avisar – Chair of the Green Council, member of the college board of directors, Head of the Department of Biology and Chemistry with emphasis on environment and director of the hothouse for educational initiatives in environment, member of the steering committee for the graduate Department of Environmental Education and lecturer in environmental chemistry in the graduate Department of Environmental Education.

Administrative staff:

* Tzeela Yoffe CEO of the College
* Hadassah Tron Director of the social involvement unit Director of There is a Way program, an academic/community partnership
* Yosi Nishol Head of the maintenance and operations department
* Batya Calderon Head of the nature laboratory, secretary of the biology-chemistry department

Academic staff

* Dr. Malka Ben Peshat Head of the graduate Department of Visual Literacy, lecturer in history and theory of design, arts and architecture
* Dr. Nurit Dvir Head of the Department of Elementary Education lecturer in education
* David Dunitz Lecturer in Environmental education, education towards sustainability and environmental initiatives Served as managing director of the “green chain“ from the Heshel Center
* Dr. Iris Alcahar Expert in environmental education, a pedagogic counsellor in the biology/chemistry department, hothouse for educational initiatives in environment in a multi- cultural society in the graduate program for environmental education
* Dr. Danny Simon Lecturer in Zoology and Environmental Education in Kibbutzim College and Tel Aviv University, Head of
the nature and science department of the school for nature studies
* Dr. Sharon Tchechover Head of science department for elementary school and kindergarten, lecturer in general chemisty,
environmental chemistry and biochemistry
* Dr. Ayelet Shuster  Director of the graduate program in environmental education, lecturer in botany and environment in
Kibbutzim College, wrote study units in ecology in the Open University and director of ecology studies.

Student representatives on the community and environment committee

* Yotam Broom - Chairman – Student Union
* Ron Gilboa - Chairman – Community and environment committee of the Student Union
*Rotem Mordoch - Member of the community and environment committee of the Student Union