About The Green Campus


Plan Number Ten is the name of the strategic reorganization plan that Kibbutzim College has initiated. The objective of this plan is to place Kibbutzim College among the top ten academic institutions in Israel. The mission of Kibbutzim College is the development and training of educators with a humanistic outlook, sensitive to the needs of their social and natural environment. The College Mission Statement clearly emphasizes environmental, community responsibility as one of its basic values. “Educational, social and environmental responsibility is the heritage of the founders. Kibbutzim College was born with the ideology of responsibility to man and nature; now in its eighth decade of existence, social and environmental responsibility have renewed and more powerful meaning in a challenging world.“
In Novermber, 2007, the board of directors decided that Kibbutzim College would become a “green campus“. To this end, a green council was established that included members of the board of directors, the college faculty and administrative staff , and motivated students. In 2008 the work of greening the campus continued and culminated in a written statement. In July 2009, the college was designated,“ a green campus“ by the Ministry for the Protection of the Environment. The letter of designation stated that “....the committee was impressed by the scope and variety of courses in environmental studies. The college is orientated towards studies for the first degree in biology, with emphasis on the environment, and also has a graduate degree in environmental education. The committee was also impressed by the large number of electives in sustainability education, design for sustainability, and social and environmental awareness. The topics of final papers and projects submitted by undergraduate and graduate students were outstanding for their academic and practical contributions“.

The letter of designation to Kibbutzim College as a “green campus“.


“ the greatest challenge that we have before us in this century is to turn an idea that seems to us abstract – sustainable development – into a reality for all peoples of the world.“ 

Kofi Anan
General Secretary of The United Nations, March 2001