Gilui Daat - Refereed Scientific Journal


Gilui Daat is a refereed scientific journal published by the Institute for Progressive Education at the Kibbutzim College, in cooperation with the Hakibbutz Hameuchad Publishing House. Gilui Daat aims to enrich and deepen the debate about core educational, social and cultural issues that are of concern to Israeli and global society in the second decade of the 21st century. The journal is founded on recognition of the crucial importance of having a broad and comprehensive intellectual perspective, accompanied by a diverse range of views, research and discourse areas in the fields of education, society and culture. Gilui Daat publishes articles, essays and literature reviews that reflect a wide range of disciplinary perspectives, research methods and value-based philosophies. Accordingly, Gilui Daat’s editorial board includes not only researchers in the field of education, but also renowned scholars from a variety of knowledge fields in the social sciences and humanities.

The main goal of Gilui Daat is to serve as a central forum to clarify and shed light on fundamental, public intellectual questions. From this it follows that the journal does not publish articles that discuss specific, narrow subjects that do not serve to illuminate broader issues and perspectives, or articles that do not have implications for issues that go beyond the concrete case discussed in the article. The common denominator shared by all the articles published in Gilui Daat is their quality and originality, and their ability to contend with major issues in the educational and public discourse, as they contribute to a broad and meaningful perspective on the subject under discussion. All this is ensured by a rigorous refereeing process carried out by referees of the highest caliber, while maintaining the principle of “double blind” i.e. the identity of the authors is not known to the referees and vice versa). We especially encourage the publication of critical articles of a polemic nature, based on our belief in the importance of intellectual audacity.

Gilui Daat targets three readerships: First, researchers in universities, colleges, research institutes and other academic settings; second, educators, especially those who belong or aspire in the future to belong to the backbone of educational leadership that will shape Israel’s educational and pedagogical policy in the years to come; and third, educated and intelligent readers of Hebrew who take an interest in the social and cultural expanses around them. It is hoped that the combination of these three readerships will enable Gilui Daat, to serve as a productive and creative rendezvous point to enable meetings between different philosophies and audiences, theory and practice, reflection and criticism of reality, the here and now and the historic and universal.

We seek through the texts that appear in Gilui Daat to express our faith in the vitality and productiveness of a clear, rational and critical intellectual discourse on academic and public issues, as well as our reservations with a relativist discourse that a priori grants all positions and narratives equal standing and immunity from criticism. Although we are aware of the partial and limited nature of all perspectives, we believe that the chief goal of the academic discourse has always been to strive to expand our knowledge about the world around us, to advance mutual understanding among individuals, societies and cultures, and to establish our shared life on a foundation of justice, reason and the forces of imagination and creativity.

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