Special Courses

Chart of the special courses for students in the Honors Program.

Subject Theoretical Practical Lecturer
Hebrew yes   Etti Rabinovitz, Orit Yariv
English yes   Miri Hamsinski
Philosophical and Sociological Theories – Study and Research yes  yes Dror Aloni, Tamar Katko
Introduction to Psychology yes   Yehuda Ben Orit
Sociology of Education     Yisraelit Rubinstin,
Bilha Sagiv, Leora Givon
Research Methodology yes yes Yaakov Goisky, Mical Keren, Anat Grees 
Inferential Statistics yes yes Yaakov Goisky, Mical Keren, Anat Grees
Teaching in a Computer Environment yes yes Chaim Tirosh, Nitza Katz

Leadership in Education 

yes yes Harel Lawrence
The Fundamentals of Radio yes 
yes Yoni Lavi
Debating Society yes yes Yael Oferim
Sivan Tom Tamar
Educational Initiatives for Sustainability yes yes David Dunitz
Creative Writing Workshop yes yes Anny Ben Hillel
Seminar – Subject to be Chosen by the Group yes yes Naomi Yosefberg
Internet Seminar – Advanced Teaching Environments yes yes An intercollege
Seminar with lecturers from the seminar hakibbutzim. el-kasmi and talpiot
Community of Learners yes yes Mimi Haskin,
Shy Frugel
Tamar Katko
Raviv Reichart
Hen Shapira
The Third Wave in Education  yes yes Ayal Ram

The chart does not include courses that are given in the individual departments which are specific to each department. It also does not include the courses which may be chosen from the curriculum of the School for Advanced Studies. These are available on the internet site of the College.