Questions and Answers

Dear Candidate.

Following are some of the questions that candidates for the Honors Program at Kibbutzim College of Education frequently ask. Answers to these questions should give you a good idea of what the program is about.

  • What is the honors program?

the main purpose of the program is to attract highly intelligent students to the teaching profession by offering them the opportunity to participate in an especially challenging program. We hope to prepare an elite group of gifted teachers to take up leadership roles in teaching and in other fields of education.

  •  What does the honors program offer?

The honors program of Kibbutzim College is composed of two groups:
A. Students in the Ministry of Education program – with entrance examination grades of 630 and above
B. Students in the College program – with a combined grade of 605 and above who wish to register in specific departments designated by the College.

In both these two groups the students are enrolled in a special program and are eligible for scholarships. The scholarship awards are of various types and differ in the size of the grants and their source. (Some of the scholarships are awarded by the College or by the Ministry of Education; others may come from the Association of Friends of Kibbutzim College.)
Assignment of students to the different groups is decided by the Committee of Admissions.

The difference between the two groups:

Students in the Ministry of Education program complete their studies in three years and are required to teach for three years (one year for each of the years for which they received tuition scholarships).
The Kibbutzim College program is an enhanced four year program.

Important to Note

Students who do not meet the entrance requirements for the honors program on admission to the College, but demonstrate excellent performance in their first year of studies, may be considered for entrance into the program in the second year. After a personal interview with the program director and the recommendation of the department head, a committee will consider the student’s candidacy for the program.

  • What are the criteria for acceptance in the Honors Program?

The combined grade, the student’s preferred study path, and a personal interview.
The criteria for admission to the program were defined by the Ministry of Education and the
College; students are integrated into their preferred paths accordingly.

*List of preferred subjects eligible for a conditional preferred scholarship:
Secondary school subjects: Bible, Biology-/Chemistry
Elementary school subjects: Israeli culture, Literature, Science, Mathematics
English for all grade levels
From time to time the Ministry of Education may give preference to certain school subjects and grade levels. Secondary schools subjects that are presently entitled to special status are: History and Literature.

  • What does the Honors Program include?

Students that are accepted into the Honors Program study in the departments to which they are registered. During the academic year special courses in education are designated the honors students are conducted (descriptions of the courses can by found on the College website – “Description of Studies”).
In addition special study days and conferences are held the purpose of which is to expose students to subjects of social and moral significance related to education and Israeli society (details of these meetings on the college website). In the disciplines and in pedagogic training, honors students have the advantage of a program created with the help of the heads of their departments.

  • How is it possible to complete the program in three years?

The students in the Honors Program of the Ministry of Education finish their studies in three years, at the end of which they are eligible for the teaching certificate, the Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) degree and an Honors Program certificate. Within the three years, they must complete all the courses and the pedagogic training. After they complete their studies, the students register for the Internship Workshop in which they work as teachers. After completion of the workshop they are eligible for their teacher’s license from the Ministry of Education.

  • What are the benefits for the student?

The students in the ministry of education program are eligible for a conditional, preferred scholarship issued by the Ministry of Education. They are also eligible for an additional tuition grant from the college. The students in the College program are eligible for a conditional loan from the Ministry of Education and for tuition grants from the college. The scholarships awarded to the students of the different groups are from 8,000 to 25,000 IS, per year, for three years. The criteria for the exact amounts that each student receives are set by the registration committee of the Honors Program.

  • What are the obligations of the student?

A. The students in the Honors Program are required to attend classes regularly till the end of the study program
B. The students in the Honors Program are required to maintain a high standard of scholarship achievement (average grade above 90).
C. The students in the Honors Program are required to participate in the enrichment activities of the program and to attend all the special courses including the social activities.
D. Social involvement is a part of studies in the Honors Program conducted in the student community framework and is in addition to the social activities that are connected with the departments. This social involvement includes both activities within the college and outside activities.
E. Students eligible for “Friends” grants and additional tuition scholarships from the College are required to participate in additional social involvement activities (20-50 hours in the first year) according to the scholarship amount and by the decision of the program director.
F. All participants in the Honors Program are required to work as teachers in the educational system for at least 3 years. The internship year is included in the three years.

  • How does a prospective candidate join the program?

The candidate must register for studies at the College. The candidate whose qualifications are suited to the program requirements will be invited to a personal interview in the Honors Program. A candidate with the qualifications can also apply directly to the Honors Program office:

Secretary of the Honors Program:
Tamira Shifran 

Tel. 03-6901292

We will be happy to answer any questions or requests for information.

Dr. Elana Ronen
Director of the Honors Program

Dr. Tamar Katko
Second Year Coordinator

Dr. Mimi Haskin
Third Year Coordinator