Duration of studies

Description of the Program

  • The entire program includes 44 semester credits within two years of study.
  • The program includes required courses, electives, and seminars from two divisions.

A: Education and Methodology Studies

  • The courses in this series include an advanced course in education and courses in methodology
  • 8 semester credits

B: Specialization Studies

The division includes two clusters of courses in the major disciplines, two seminars and a final project
36 semester credits

  • Cluster of science courses in the environmental science disciplines (14 semester credits)
  • Cluster of education and social science courses that stress educational and sociological aspects of environment and one seminar (14 semester credits)
  • Final Project and Workshop (4 semester credits)

Duration of the Studies

The study program extends over 4 semesters, in two academic years. We recommend that required courses be completed in the first year. In any case the studies can not last longer than 5 years as is usual in institutions of higher education in Israel.

Study Days

Classes take place two days each week. In 2010-11 they will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays.