Future Professional Employment

English is one of the priority subjects in the Ministry of Education today and English instruction is one of the most important fields in the schools, from early elementary school on. Therefore there is a constant demand for a large number of English teachers for all age groups.

In addition to teaching English in the formal setting of the school system, the profession of English teaching can also be applied in informal settings, where there is great demand for English studies at all ages.

While graduates in English teaching clearly benefit from employment options in the field of education, their professional qualifications also open the door to many other jobs that require a high standard of English. These include work in industry, hi-tech, marketing, human resources, tour guiding, travel, hotel management, journalism, translation and more.

The English teaching profession can also be applied in other aspects of education, such as:

  • development of English courseware and other software
  • development of websites in English
  • development of curricula in English
  • specialization in learning disabilities in English
  • teaching English to toddlers
  • translation
  • private lessons and extracurricular classes

The B.Ed in English teaching also enables graduates to continue on to master's degree programs at universities in various fields, such as criminology, curriculum development, educational policy and administration, the use of computers in education, foreign language instruction, measurement and assessment, and more.