Undergraduate Studies in English

Program director: Dr. Beverley Topaz

The purpose of this program is to train teachers of English for elementary and post-elementary school (grades 3-10). The program consists of four years of study and graduates are awarded a bachelor's degree (B.Ed.) and a teaching license. The degree enables graduates to continue on to master's degree studies (M.A.) in all universities in Israel.

In addition to the academic degree and teaching license, graduates of the program earn two additional certificates:

1. Certification that they have studied 120 hours in The Translation and Editing Cluster

2. Certification that they have studied 120 hours in The Learning Disabilities Cluster

In this program, classes are held on Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays, throughout all the years of study.

The English program provides students with extensive knowledge of the English language, with particular emphasis on applied skills in the English language (written and oral expression, and the like). Throughout the years of study, courses are offered to improve the students' proficiency in the English language.

During the program, students gain vast exposure to the English language. All the specialization courses are taught in English.

Emphasis is placed on practice teaching in schools and student training. As early as the first year of studies, students do fieldwork in schools under the close supervision of the pedagogical training staff. The curriculum for the fourth year of study includes a teaching apprenticeship, enabling students to earn a Ministry of Education teaching license.

For more information, contact Dr. Beverley Topaz