Bachelor’s Degree (B.Ed.) in Elementary School Education

program director: Dr. Yossi Eitan

The Elementary School Program trains teachers for grades 1-6. Graduates are awarded an academic degree (B.Ed.) and a teaching certificate.

Elementary schools are at the heart of the educational system. It is in these early years that the teachers can instill the human values and basic social, emotional, and intellectual skills needed in our society today.

The Program includes:

• Exposure to a wide spectrum of educational approaches and theories.

• Student teaching in schools with children from multi-cultural backgrounds, in a dynamic society.

• Understanding and using alternative methods of teaching, learning, and assessment.

• Encounters with children in heterogeneous classrooms.

The Program provides the opportunity:

• To learn a challenging profession, with numerous job opportunities.

• To specialize in mathematics,science, literature or Jewish culture.

• To do student teaching in formal and informal educational frameworks.

The Program allows students to choose one of three pathways:

Leadership and Educational Initiative: developing partnerships with the community and integrating children with special needs in the classroom.

• Creative Education: training teachers and educators to be creative using innovative methods that stimulate the latent abilities of the pupils and arouse their curiosity.

Education with emphasis on peace, social justice and environmental sustainability: training teachers and educators in the spirit of critical pedagogy and emphasizing alternative educational strategies. This pathway is relevant to all those who strive to change society through education.

Opportunities for Employment and Further Education for Graduates:

• In the school system

• In informal educational frameworks (Karev Foundation, community centers, etc.)

• Advanced studies toward academic degrees and certificates (masters degrees in education, educational counseling, coaching, integrating the arts in education).