New Experimental and Innovative Schools


Innovative schools

The Institute for Educational Thought strives to upgrade the school system in the spirit of the ideals and standards of humanistic education. On the basis of the fundamental belief that only through cooperation between the academic sphere and the practical, between theory and practice, can meaningful improvement in education be achieved; the Institute sponsors a number of joint ventures with schools throughout the country. Most of the initiatives are carried out in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and the teaching staff of the schools, the parents’ organizations, and the municipal councils. Not only do students from the Kibbutzim College join the teaching staffs of the schools, but also two teachers from the schools have been accepted as staff members in the program for training principals.

Schools Participating in the Humanistic Education Initiative

1. Experimental kindergarten in Holon
2. Experimental school (Ganim) in Ganei Tikva
3. Arab schools in the Ramle-Lud area
4. The “humanistic-environmental” school Oranim in Yokneam
5. Naomi Shemer school in Tel Aviv
6. Niztanim school in Tel Aviv
7. Experimental High School Hadassim in Eben Yehuda
8. Blich school in Ramat Gan