Guidance and Assistance to Underprivileged Groups


The Institute for Educational Thought strives to provide educational guidance and community support for underprivileged groups. From ethical, humanistic and educational considerations, the Institute feels itself obligated to give each child a chance to develop normally and to become a part of the community. One of the more significant paths of activity of the Institute, usually a voluntary one, is helping weaker groups of children, such as children in Arab schools, children of foreign workers, children who live in poverty, and children of whose parents aided the Israeli Defense Forces.

Children of immigrant laborers

Recently, the first public kindergarten (UNITAF) that serves children of foreign workers has been opened with the help of Tel Aviv municipality. Two groups with a total of 28 children attend the kindergarten which is well staffed and enjoys spacious, up-to-date accommodations. The Institute of Educational Thought at Kibbutzim College undertook the academic-pedagogic guidance of the new framework. Groups of students, in cooperation with other voluntary groups, will do their practice teaching/internship in this framework as well as in other kindergartens from foreign workers which are still operated in private apartments. Members of the faculty of course are participating in this effort (Doron Lederer, Iris Slonim, Iris Afek, Drora Schwartz, and Dor Harari), by training and assisting the student interns.

“Creating the Future”: An educational and rehabilitation program for the children of whose fathers served the Israeli Defense Forces in Lebanon or in the West Bank

When the Ministry of Defense called on us to help them create a community linked educational initiative to serve the needs of hundreds of children whose fathers aided the Israel Defense Forces, we again called on Amira Yahalom, to be our trusted intermediary in this venture, as she was before, when we worked together to improve the lot of the children of the foreign workers in Tel Aviv. The Institute is aiding the Ministry of Defense in the field of the theory of education and in finding experts in other fields such as in social work and aid to needy groups. The essence of this activity, from the standpoint of the Institute, is to help the Ministry to set up an educational - rehabilitation program for the children.

Developmental Difficulties of Immigrant Children: The Case of Children of Migrant Workers in Tel Aviv (Introduction to lecture delivered by Dor Harari to volunteers who work with the children. For more details, see the Hebrew site).

People leave one country to go to another for many reasons, for instance to improve their economic conditions. But their children rarely understand their motivations. From the psychological standpoint, immigration is a stressful experience for the immigrant because it creates dramatic changes in family life and tests the individual’s ability to adapt to a whole set of new conditions.