Ethiopian-Israeli Teacher Training Program


The Ethiopian-Israeli Teacher & Kindergarten Teacher Training Program

The Ethiopian-Israeli Teacher Training Program is unique and works towards empowering Ethiopian-Israeli students interested in higher education in teaching and to naturally integrate into the workforce as part of the Ministry of Education in one of the more demanded jobs with offers much fulfillment

Being Teachers

The Teaching profession allows one to bring out their personal abilities and be part of a bigger process of social and educational change within the educational system and the community itself. The process of becoming a teacher is empowering, exciting and fascinating, the students acquire both practical and theoretical knowledge and begin the process of establishing their professional identities. At the end of the four year studies the students receive a Bachelors of Education and a teaching certificate in the chosen field.

Program Goals

  • Providing an opportunity to young Ethiopian-Israeli students to integrate into Education.
  • Empowering Ethiopian-Israeli students in a unique program tailor made for them.
  • To provide answers to the unique needs and abilities of the Ethiopian-Israeli students.

The Structure of the Program
1. Academic studies and self-empowering courses
    The program is divided into two parts:

  • Courses learnt as part of the student's personal choice and interest.
  • Unique empowering courses for professional development learnt with peers in the program only.

2. Extra-Curricular activities

  • Trips- during the studies the students go on trips aimed at adding knowledge on the culture and geography of Israel highlighting their connection with Israel and their country and people and creating social connections. The students are taken to museums and take part in cultural events, music and art.
  • Lectures and workshops- During their studies the students are exposed to key figures which later become role models. Furthermore, the students participate in workshops to develop learning strategies and personal and professional development.
  • Support
  • Support is providing in a number of ways:
  • Academic- help provided with academic studies, peer to peer tutoring, specific courses teaching learning skills.
  • Personal – Social enhancement, help and support based on the student's needs.
  • Financial- Opportunity for scholarships both and academic and living stipends.

Directors of the program
Dr. Rina Brenner, academic director, lectures and advisor in the Kibbutzim College of Education, in Hebrew literature. For several years specializes in teacher training especially for immigrants.

Moshe Ishayahu, Social director, has a Master's in education with experience in education and teaching, directing, management and program directing especially in empowering children and families with Ethiopian origins.

Additional Information
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