Dance and Movement for Practicing Teachers

Kibbutzim College of Education School of Performing Arts offers an academic program in dance and movement that awards its graduates a BEd and a teaching certificate. The program for practicing teachers addresses practical and theoretical issues related to dance and education.

Admissions requirements to the program include at least five years of experience teaching dance and movement, presentation of a portfolio containing a resumé, records of teaching experience, letters of recommendation, records of participation in dance performances as dancer or choreographer, and a personal interview.

The program involves a minimum of three full days of classes per week over a period of two years. During the period of study, students are required to teach dance at the equivalent of at least one-third of a full-time position.

The program focuses on extending the students' pedagogical knowledge and applying it to dance pedagogy. Student input as dancers and dance teachers is an important resource for professional and personal enrichment. The collegial forum provides an opportunity to discuss relevant issues, examine approaches and theories of education and teaching, and to apply the conclusions in practice.

The field of pedagogy is central to the program. This is the meeting point of all the subjects studied, which combine to form a single educational, academic, and practical unit. The fieldwork takes place at the students’ permanent places of employment. The program serves as an opportunity for practical experience, for exploring one's personal philosophy, and for addressing professional issues.