School of Dance Arts

The School of Dance Arts of Kibbutzim College of Education functions in an integrated multi-disciplinary environment. The School offers the following specializations:

The curriculum is designed to prepare students for a career as teachers of Dance and Movement or Dance-Theater and is also geared to the special educational needs of kindergarten, elementary school, and secondary school. Graduates of these courses receive B.ED degrees and a teaching certificate in Dance and Movement or in Dance-Theater. Many of the graduates are choreographers, dancers and dance school directors or teachers in private and public dancing schools.

 The goals of the program are:
1. Specialization in dance techniques (classic, modern, post-modern, repertoire, contact) or dance-theater (dance techniques, acting, directing, voice development) and their adaptations to teaching, professional performance, or creative dance.

2. Participation in professional productions, actual performances, festivals; presenting works of Israeli artists of the first rank.

3. Producing original works of students and holding professional performances at the College and at Suzan Dalal Center.

4. Increasing student knowledge and deepening their understanding in many fields of dance theory such as the history of the theater, the art of dance, music, the movement alphabet of Eshkol-Wachman, ethnic dance, anatomy and other relevant practical arts.

5. Gaining practical experience teaching in schools and developing an understanding of how to use the professional and pedagogical knowledge they have acquired in the College.

6. Participation in special lectures---increasing their knowledge and broadening their academic and cultural horizons in specialized subjects.

7. Participation in special workshops—practical experience with dance techniques in the repertoire of well known choreographers and teachers of the first rank in the dancing arts and the theater.