Introduction to Psychodrama

Introduction to Psychodrama -- a one year program
Program Coordinator: Dr. Eineha Arzi


To introduce the basic concepts of psychodrama to the students, theoretically and experientially as they acquire elementary skills and techniques.
To offer an exciting introductory year for students interested in completing the three year course in the creative arts.

Target Audience

Actors, directors and other theater professionals, educators and therapists, social workers, creative-expressive therapists, college graduates in other fields with a flair for drama


A one year program with a total of 140 hours (five hours in one day each week) The complete three year program includes 600 lecture hours.
Internship hours (practical dramatic work) are not included in the total of 600 hours that students must complete as part of the three year study program.

Salary increments (according to Ministry of Education regulations)

Registration - Through personal or group interview


  • Theory of classical psychodrama
  • Sociometrics in action
  • Socio-drama

Tuesday – 16:30 – 20:30 Course code 3365