Introduction to Therapy in Movement

A one year program
Program Coordinators: Yaela Shaked, Yael Barkai

Program Goals

To introduce students to the basic concepts of therapy in movement
To offer an exciting trial year for those interested in the three year training course

Target Audience

Professionals working in therapy, education, psychology, social work, media therapists, physiotherapists, teachers and special education teachers, teachers of the arts and movement, health care workers and any college graduate with an interest in therapy in movement.


A one year program with a scope of 112 hours, 4 hours, one day per week Practical work in this course (80 hours altogether) will count as part of the 600 total hours needed to complete the three year study program.

Salary increments: according to Ministry of Education regulations

Registration: by group interview


  • Individual encounters with the concepts of space, time, weight, sound and breathing
  • Developing awareness of various behavior patterns and the way they express themselves, “body language“ and body movement and their emotional impact
  • Authentic, spontaneous experiences
  • Opening other channels of inter-personal and social communication

Monday from 16:00 – 20:00 Course code 3371