An Introduction to Bibliotherapy

A one year program
Program Coordinator: Dr. Shlomit Bressler

מידע על התוכנית


To offer students an exciting experience, within a supporting group framework in the personal and interpersonal space that the world of texts reveal
To expose students to the basic concepts of bibliotherapy

Target Audience

Professionals who work in therapy and education, psychologists, social workers, speech therapists, occupational therapists, teachers in special education, and college graduates in other fields who want to learn about bibliotherapy.


A one year program, with a total of 112 hours, in 4 hour sessions held one day each week. 60 of these hours are recognized as part of the 600 internship hours required to complete the three year course in bibliotherapy.

Salary increments according to Ministry of Education requirements.

Registration by personal interview


  • Story, novel, myth, tales, poetry, film – texts that open up to the therapy world
  • Writing poetry as a therapeutic process
  • Writing as therapy, writing in therapy
  • Life story – a narrative approach
  • A creative, written response to pre-planned stimuli – therapeutic cards, nature, household articles.
  • Dreams and memories as raw material for creativity in therapy
  • Opening channels of personal and inter–personal communication through bibliotherapy

Thursday 8:30 – 11:45 Course code # 3935