Introduction to Art Therapy

A one year program
Program Director: Dr. Ruth Horudi

Program Goals

  • To introduce the basic concepts of art therapy to the students, in its experiential and theoretical form.
  • To offer an exciting trial year for those interested in continuing their studies in our three year program.

Target Audience

Therapists, educators, psychologists, social workers, media therapists, art teachers, and college graduates with a flair for art.

Program Format

A one year program with a scope of 168 hours – in weekly sessions of 6 hours each. 120 hours of experimental work (practical lessons in art) in this course are recognized as part of the total of 600 hours needed in the three year therapist in the arts training course.

Salary increments (according to Ministry of Education regulations).

The program can be presented for approval for salary increments on the individual path (the student;s responsibility).

  • The Program
  • Art Therapy: theory and practice
  • Approaches, movements, and concepts in art therapy
  • Art studio: enhancing individual creativity through practice in the framework of a studio, progressing toward the concept of “art as therapy“, expressing the language inherent in art (line, color, form, image) using personal modes of expression, and broadening powers of external observation by learning painting and drawing techniques.

Wednesdays – 8:30 – 13:45