Hahinukh Vesevivo


Hahinukh Vesevivo, Volume 31, 2009

We are pleased to invite you to read the numerous articles and discussions presented in Volume 31 of Hahinukh Vesevivo.

Like our past issues, volume 31 contains articles in all disciplines and areas of interest to the college faculty: research in education, pedagogical methods, social and cultural issues, and creative and critical discussion of art.

In a departure from the past, tremendous academic productivity has enlarged the current issue to an unprecedented size, exceeding 500 pages. This time, alongside the academic discourse we have added two sections on moving and painful current affairs. One of these, entitled Otherness, presents narratives of the experience of otherness of people in general, and students from different sectors in particular; the other, Historians in a Bleeding Time, deals with the exchange of letters among lecturers in the Department of History regarding the character of the Cast Lead war in Gaza, and its significance for the moral image of contemporary Zionism. As in the academic community in general, the question of whether or not we agree is not critical; what matters most is an open, critical, multifaceted discourse, even on matters that people and nations tend to conceal from themselves – that is what we have tried to supply in this volume.

We hope you will find Hahinukh Vesevivo interesting, meaningful and enriching, for both spirit and mind.

All rights reserved to the authors. Quotations from the articles require citation, as customary in academic publications.

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