The Track for Early Childhood Teachers for Children with Special Needs

Year 1
The first year of study focuses on the personal development of the students. They are taught to look inward at themselves and outward at the peer group, the group of children, and the educational learning environment. In doing so, they associate their insights with the theoretical and educational aspects of the fields of education, psychology, and related disciplines. Special emphasis is placed on understanding the special characteristics of young children from birth to age 3.

Year 2
The second year is devoted to developing an educational worldview, learning to prepare study plans, and matching methods of instruction to the needs of different groups of children. The students learn to plan, implement and evaluate a teaching unit adapted to the special needs of different children, in various subject matter areas (Israeli culture, music, arithmetic, science, etc.). Students acquire skills in planning studies for children in special needs frameworks as well as for regular kindergartens that include children with special needs.

Year 3
This year is devoted to familiarization with the therapeutic preschool. The students become acquainted with the educational framework and the population it serves. They plan and implement study programs adapted to children in therapeutic kindergartens, learn about managing such kindergartens, and become familiar with the paramedical staff that works in such settings. Concurrently, students learn about disabilities and exceptional characteristics, work with parents of children with special needs, and practice a variety of therapies.

Year 4
In the final year, the students work as teachers in regular or therapeutic kindergartens and participate in the practice teaching workshop at the College.